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Your home is your single most valuable possession, and it contains most of the rest of them. Why would you secure it with a cheap lock from a discount store that is made to only last up to a year? We provide residential locks that are superior in security for very competitive prices, and we can provide much higher quality locks from specialty manufacturers, which give you a wider variety of styles, colors and capabilities. Tell us what you are looking for and we’ll find it for you.

Has your home ever been leased or rented?

Have you recently just purchased a new home?

Do you know who may have a key to your home?

It may be time to re-key your home.


We offer:

  • Re-key and Install Locks

  • House openings

  • Master Key Systems with Key Control

  • High Security Locks with Key Control

  • Access Control

  • Deadbolts Installed

  • Mail Box Locks Installed or Repaired